The Metal Muses

Adventure Entry 16

In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Dear Samantha,

Once the firey battle was over much of the surrounding forest was torched. We also lost our Druid friend which was unfortunate, but we made some new Pixy friends who were held captive by the smelly wolf people. They said they could take us to their king so off we went. The king of the forest was a giant tree man, not what I was expecting. He gave some useful information and pointed us generally in the proper direction, but didn’t know exactly where the library was or how to enter. We set off again and end the day next to a pretty waterfall and set up camp. Mack instantly falls asleep exhausted by today’s trials. The rest of us notice visitors approaching. It’s another group of elven scouts, but they are from a different town than the one we were at earlier. New Elves were also investigating the dying forest situation.
“We should go all the way!” I suggest of the library
With the New elves in agreement, we team up!



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