The Metal Muses

Adventure Entry 7

In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Dear Samantha,

We took all the wagons. I guess we figured more was more, so we all caravanned our way through the forest. I of course stayed with Sparkles in the back. I started hearing all this commotion coming from the front of the party. Apollos starting yelling something about a “lot of going homes”, and “they are slacking brusk.” I think Hylan’s death had been very upsetting for him, since he was clearly speaking nonsense! Suddenly two ugly children appeared on both sides of Sparkles’ and my wagon. They hissed about us being too attractive, so I silenced them with my shuriken. I left the wagon to check on my comrades and see why we had stopped. More ugly gnome things were around messing up the wagons. A shet’zen emerged from the woods and started chasing Vrax. There was some fire and hammer swinging, but somehow Vrax got bagged. I chased his captor, but to no avail. I had told Sparkles to run for it earlier, so hopefully they’re at least safe. Priorities.

The End!



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