The Metal Muses

Adventure Entry 9

In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Dear Samantha,

Hec’torin, upset about our recent hardships, began to express some doubt about our objective and his own purpose.
“Don’t give up Hec’torin!” I exclaimed. “You may not have known your father, but my parents were bards! I don’t even know what happened to them or my brother, and if you think your wings are strange, check out this birthmark I’ve never shown you!”
“Oh Wu-min, I didn’t realize what a strong person you actually were, and not just physically but also emotionally. I am so fortunate to have you as my party companion.”
As we were offering reassurances, Shet’zen appeared! It was a long battle, but we finally prevailed. Upon inspecting their chiseled bodies, Apollos suddenly disappeared. When he didn’t return within some time we too inspected the powder found on the Shet’zen body. The powder teleported us into a circular room. Apollos appears unharmed, but now we do not know where we are.



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