The Metal Muses

Adventure Entry 5
In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Dear Samantha,
What an awful day. It’s just like my father would always say:
“If you enter a creepy dungeon based on the dreams of a robed magic man, you’re gonna have a bad time.”

Eventually our people woke up and we head to bottom floor. The air is still a bit thick and there’s lots dead ugly gnome children. Hydan started tugging at his gear.
He said “It’s getting hot in here”
Hec’torin pragmatically suggested “So take off all your clothes”
“I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off!”

That was when we noticed this huge creature in the corner. He said he was a messenger of Semaroth and was really thrilled about Heylan’s new hammer. I’ll admit it is rather intriguing, even if it is an excessive amount of hammer. I don’t think our short companion likes it very much however, since he wails and cringes every time Heylan touches it.
The shimmering beast messenger then informed us of his situation and we need to find others of his kind. It wasn’t long until more ugly children came to attack us. There was also a shimmering bug creature that appeared on the other side of the room. It didn’t like Heylan’s hammer either.
Things then got out of control. Outnumbered we doubled back toward the tunnel shaft. Rocks started falling from the ceiling, ugly children were attacking us with some of us getting really injured.
“hiss, he is magically delicious!” They said about Apollos.
Then there was a huge explosion. I didn’t see all that happened but I think Hylan was caught in it. We climbed back to the top floor trying to reach the entrance. Ugly children kept attacking us and I started to feel a little faint and became delirious. It all gets a little blurry, but I’m possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that I may have broken my vow. I couldn’’t exactly not say that it is or isn’t almost partially incorrect. Everything slowed and the walk towards the entrance light seemed to take forever. I finally made it and found Sparkles while I waited for the others. I am ready to get out of here and put all this behind.

The End

Adventure Entry 4
In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Entry 4:
Dear Samantha,
It started out bad, then it got confusing, but then alright.
The Halfling, potion guy and winged man were so exhausted they needed to take a nap. We disguised their location and left to explore! Suddenly a giant beast with sharp teeth charged at us. Our farm warrior, Heylan, tried to calm the creature. Food wasn’t working so I attempted to slap some sense into it, but the thing was clearly incompetent and didn’t take to any reasoning.
After that was delt with we explored. There was a boring door with designs, and later an equipment closest. Apollos often blinds himself. I’m not so sure what he looks at. It was a shield most recently…. maybe it’s the reflection, he is blinded by his own beauty! There is no other explanation.
Next they had me inspect a door in a room full of metal spiders. Then everything goes black!
I’m standing in a tavern full of attractive people and they are all cheering my name! I’m in a white dress and I’m singing:
“If I know just what to say when some trouble heads his way
and can make him feel that everything is good,
then I act like a woman, and he likes a woman
to act like a Wu-min should…”

Suddenly I wake up. I must have been asleep, but there’s this huge metal man in front of me, and everyone is injured and my staff gets broken! In anger I rip off the large metal man’s leg! Apollos suggests we retreat so we quickly head back to the equipment closet. Surely it would never find us in here!
When things settle down we leave to check on our sleepy comrades. Luckily they appear unharmed and can apparently sleep through anything.
The End

Adventure Entry 3
In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Dear Samantha,
This place is damp, dark, secluded, and all this fighting leaves me no time to manage my hair.
“I like your hair all messy” said the winged man
“Absolutely!” the others agreed
“Wu-min, you are the most gorgeous person I have ever seen, and your combat skills are as superb as your beauty! When you stun men it is not with your delicate hands, but your striking eyes”
More attacks break our moment, but we are alright and continue on. The party insists on delving deeper and we meet more ugly children playing with potions and surely some got set off. The farm warrior, Heylan, especially did not approve of their actions.
Heylan continued to battle them for a time until I convinced him to reach safety with the group.
“Save yourself!” he shouted
“No, there must be a way”
“Cover your mouth” Attractive robe man said
“I will, and with confidence, but not for you Magic Man! Only because Wu-min would be so heartbroken without me and I am very sensitive and care about feelings” Said our warrior
And that’s how we escaped and climbed back up the previous floor level. We had encountered some odd carvings and strange rooms, but they made me feel weird and I don’t want to talk about it. Maybe we can eat soon since we found a bunch of glowing plants. I think Hydan is excited about eating them too.
The End

Adventure Entry 2
In the Eyes of Wu-Min

Dear Samantha,
It’s a new day! We’re off to make preparations for our journey. I am sent with the fine warrior man to his farm. Is he a farm warrior? We got a cart and a donkey. The others have more news and had scouted the way. I think the donkey is my power animal. I named him Sparkles.
After some days we came upon a boggy place. The dreamy robed man said he had a vision, though some of the others were less convinced. There’s a plague on the land of a sort, which has some uneasy. Eventually we found an old abandoned ruin, once a city. The short one I think found an entrance leading underground. After supplying Sparkles we headed in.
Soon ugly children started attacking us! I had seen them before at the tavern. They are so unruly, always biting people and making messes. They especially like to attack the robed man, Apollos. I can only assume that his beauty offends them to the point of blinding rage.
“Hiss Hiss” they said. “We hate pretty people!”
“That’s not nice!” I answer
“AAhhh, My face!” screamed Apollos
“No, not his face!”
But the handsomely disheveled potion man was able to help subdue the urchins and I put the rest in their place. They needed a firm hand!
The End

Adventure Start
In the eyes of Wu-Min

I’ve decided to keep a diary, since it’s the popular thing to do. I think I’ll call you Samantha, after a character my favorite play, Sex and the Country!

Dear Samantha,
I have been called to a gathering in a city tavern. We were all summoned by some man. He is so dreamy. It’s like he’s looking into my soul. Dream man has some kind of quest for us, he sure talks a lot. There are other men around too. Mostly they appear human, but one is super short and another has wings. Is it possible to be in love with 5 people at once?
But then, Two giant hunters burst into our quarters! They are so big and burly with chains to take Wu-min.
“You can’t have me!” I screamed
“We will take you all!” they said and rip off their shirts, sapphire-like eyes gleaming!
Suddenly there were fireworks and thick smoke all around, then it was over.
“I’m sorry” I said as I looked over the figures that were once the constructs. “It would never have worked between us for you see, I have taken a vow. You are just brutes, though I am merely Wu-min."
Some of the other men got hurt, and there was this foolishness with a net, but everyone survived. We headed to the disheveled potion man’s shop to recover.
The End

Session 3 adventure log
You're toxin my patience.

Session 3 journal

Even as I write this, I can feel toxins, both supernatural and natural, trying to course through my veins. It has been a relatively short time since we started journeying deeper into this castle. Yet already we have encountered ethereal marauders, gnome alchemists, a defiling spiritual force, and a massive cloud of poison. Fortunately, I think we’re rid of the ethereal marauders, but I doubt we’ve seen the last of the gnomes or the poison.

I get ahead of myself. After resting and preparing new armor, we sent our scout ahead to brave the darkness. At first, things were fairly quiet. We discovered some ashes and the remains of some poor souls, but that was it. However, as we traveled deeper, the halfling narrowly avoided a trap and a group of ethereal marauders was upon us. Just as we brought ourselves to bear against them, they disappeared and a new set showed up. Truly, the fantastical is commonplace here. They continued their guerrilla warfare against us as we explored. We found some alchemical plants, and harvested them. We then continued past a defiled altar and found a shaft down into the depths of the castle. Hec’torin was confident he could safely explore, but Vrex was quite… insistent that we continue exploring. We did not fully explore, but what we did explore was cursed. I am certain of it.

We then continued down into the next area. Here we found gnomes working on their craft. But Heylan was having none of that. Throwing caution to the wind, he grabbed the first gnome he could get his hands on and tossed the poor sap into an alchemy kit. This created the poisonous cloud, and after ensuring that the gnomes in the room were taken care of, we beat a hasty retreat to the floor above. Now we sit here, some of us in better condition than others, but none of us unharmed.

VV's journal, Session 2

The morning after our fight at the inn we determined that we should travel to a ruin that Apple O’s claimed to have seen in a vision. I though this a fine idea if for no other reason than to test his honesty and reliability. Heylan set out back to his farm with the foxy monk. Knowing him he wouldn’t get into anything… like her for example…
I’m not so sure about Apple O’s, he seems a bit too fond of himself to show much restraint around attractive females… fortunately masked guy, I really need to remember his name, made him stay at the shop and help him get ready to leave. Payback for being a dope the night before I think.

Hec’torin, that’s the bird-man, and I set out to see what we could see about town. Found more than we bargained for, seems like the “hunters” killed a bunch of orphaned children on their way to the inn… poor kids, not that they had much of a life to look forward to most likely, but the deserved better than being mangled by creepy gem-eyed beasts… we also found signs that they had torn up a general store… the gnomes smelled something magical from the look of things… Hec’torin is a solid tracker, he saw much more of what had gone on than I would likely have been able to on my own, and did it more quickly too…

Once we’d seen all there was to see we returned to the masked guy’s shop, and got ourselves ready to depart, at which point the whacko blows up his shop! I guess he was really sure he isn’t ever coming back.

We traveled for a goodish few days. I drove Heylan’s cart… it pays to have experience with carts and wagons… The others walked or rode in it as they felt inclined. After some days we came to a wasted and desolate place, where no green thing grew. We cut grass enough to feed the mules for a few days, and pressed on. Apple O’s insisted this was the way his visions lead him. We presently came to a ruined city sunken into the earth, and after continuing inward to what seemed to be the center of it, found a keep that projected above the new ground level. I scaled it easily, and found us a way down into what was left of the keep.

We encountered gnomes below, and I was very nearly slain… if not for the valor of Hec’torin, Wu-Min and Heylan I would not now be writing this. I am told that Apple O’s fled in terror when the gnomes came near him… perhaps I judge too harshly, he may have a particular fear of them because of being a practitioner of magic. On the other hand, that might be giving him over much credit for caution…
In any case, the gnomes have been for now driven off, though for how long none can say.

Apollos' Journal, session 2
A Life subterranean

We’re here! Ah, but I get ahead of myself.

When I awoke, we were in the alchemist’s home. He was quite upset, but I’m that he was simply hiding his embarrassment at blowing me up. Some party members gained information on what else happened last night, and I’m more certain than ever that we must visit the site of the recent gathering. Not yet, though. We are not yet ready for what that could bring.

Instead we traveled northeast to the Trail of Woes. Oddly enough, for all the complaints and cowardice that some members of the group displayed, they had no problems following me into the middle of the wilderness to find something entirely unknown. They choose the oddest times to trust me. Still, their faith was well-placed. After nearly a fortnight of marching, we came across the site of an ancient battle. The ground had been cursed with an ancient magic, and the ruins of an ancient stronghold was one of the victims.

We found the castle, reinforced with magic, and we were able to make our way down into its subterranean depths. As we passed the wonders of ancient cultures, I was saddened that we couldn’t stay and learn from them. But we are not alone here, and we do not have the luxury to simply stop and study.

As we reached the bottom of the spire and went out, we encountered gnomes. Vrex was the first to strike and the first to go down. Truly, I do not understand that halfling. In one fight, he does not strike until it is too late. In the next, he is the first to the battle line. The alchemist used his bombs much more efficiently this time. It was not perfect, but it was much more effective. The enemy had an alchemist of their own, so I decided to appropriate him to serve our ends. It’s ironic that the same madness which makes them unwilling to reason with me also makes them vulnerable to my commands. Perhaps that is the secret to dealing with gnomes…

Heylan went down a short time after the halfling. He made good use of my blessing before he fell, but his downfall opened up the path to what the gnomes truly wanted: me. A few of the gnomes chased me a short way, and I had to focus my attention on them. I’m not sure if I would have lived if Wu-Min hadn’t shown up. I must find some way to thank her. The rest of the gnomes ran off. I worry that they will alert their comrades, and we will find more waiting for us. After all, we may be in the home of the gnomes…

Adventurer's Log: Session 2


Following our run-in with the Hunters, we thought it best to leave town as fast as possible. Hasty preparations were made to ensure the services we provided for the town were continued for some time during our absence. We decided to head toward the vision of ruins that Apollos had during his time he was between life and death.

Our journey soon brought us to the Trail of Woes, a desolate landscape devoid of all life and vegetation. Hydan believed this land to have been scourged by necromancy and I have no reason to doubt that. Ten days into our journey, strange land formation began appearing. Upon further investigation, it’s believed we found the city from the vision. Only, it has disappeared into the soft marshy soil. After searching for the center of the city in the hopes of finding a castle, or at least the tallest building, we chanced upon a breakthrough.

An opening was discovered into the hidden undercity and we soon found ourselves in what appeared to be an observation deck. Murals on the wall depicted wizards and a time before the Shet’zen’s ascension when arcane magic flowed through these halls. As we descended into the bowels of this building, we found we were not alone.

Suddenly, gnomes swarmed from the darkness. We were surrounded on all sides. Vrax managed to take down two, but was soon overcome and I didn’t see what became of him. Bombs and acid began flying through the sky and utter chaos broke out. I remember felling one, two, three, four. After that, I don’t remember much. Glimpses of the gnomes fleeing while Hec’torn and Wu-min finished off those who remained failed to belie the true nature of what occurred that evening. Between waves of unconsciousness, I saw our guide, our wise owl, our false prophet fleeing from the destruction he brought upon us. Were we fools to trust him?

Adventurer's Log, session 1
Heroes United! (more or less)

Our story begins where all good stories do: in a bar. Specifically, we’re in the city of Vanesce, a farming city with a population of 5,000 – 6,000 people, located in Central Traum. We stand now in this tavern basement for a most fateful beginning.

Our heroes have been summoned by the mysterious yet charismatic Apolllos, a man chosen by forces powerful and unknown to be their harbinger. Five would-be adventurers have answered his call:

Heylan Dewitte – A skilled and noble warrior with a bone to pick with the Shet’zen and questions about his family. Inititally skeptical, he agrees to join Apollos if it may lead to more information about his proud heritage.

Wu-min – A fierce and powerful master of the martial arts who’s monastery was destroyed by the Shet’zen. She readily agrees to join, in the hope that it may lead to information about her missing brother and justice for her fellow monks.

Vraxim Vex – This stealthy and cunning halfling follows no one blindly, and is incredulous that any fool would embark on a quest to challenge the Shet’zen, the most powerful force on Earth. But he eventually agrees to come, if only out of morbid curiosity.

Hec’torin – A distant descendant of the celestial Garuda, this winged Aasimar doesn’t hesitate to swear loyalty to his “spirit guide” for what he calls his sacred hunt to slay The Great Serpent, the Shet’zen.

Hydan DeWhite – A bizzarre yet brilliant student of the alchemical arts, with a reasoning process only unerstood by himself, if that. Assuming it might be a trap, Hyden’s first response is to threaten to blow up the bar and everyone in it. Apollos eventually talks him down and convinces him there could be many exciting discoveries to come in our Journey.

There had been a witch in the bar we’d payed to guard us with a hex, but it seems, sadly, he should have focused more on guarding himself. For no sooner had the discussion of our joint venture been resolved, when we heard loud heavy footsteps pounding upstairs. Small and stealthy Vraxin went to scout what was happening, but before he returned, the Inn door was kicked in! In burst two hulking brutes and some horrid, scurrying gnomes. The customers screamed and ran as the gnomes surged forward to attack the witch. At this point, we intervened, and the team’s first combat ensued! We prevailed, but not in time to save the witch from being killed, and not without our own blood spilled, as our new leader fell in battle, partly from charging up to a hunter, and partly from Hyden’s bombs being less predictable than one might hope. Some strange items were recovered from the hunters after the battle. There were weapons that both wound and drain magical ability from their target, and a scrap of cloth that looked like it could have been from a burial shroud, bearing a symbol much like Hylan’s family crest. We took these, and carried our wounded leader back to Hyden’s shop and tended his wounds.

We had also heard rumors that Garizeth, a small town of 400 peoeple, located 35 miles northwest of our current location, had fallen victim to a Gathering two weeks prior. There was talk that we may want to go and investigate this. But our passage from this point forward remains to be seen.


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