Pact Magic

The Shet’zen conquest of the heavens left the world devoid of divine power. Clerics and priests were cut off from their gods while avatars and champions were reduced to crumpled shells of their former selves. The currents of divine magic that once permeated the world was left broken and shattered. Some sources remained mostly intact—the spiritual energy of the earth was too woven into the fabric of existence to destroy. Thus a very limited number of druidic cults are said to exist.

Wizards, Sorcerers, and their ilk were rounded up and slaughtered in droves. The Shet’zen employed powerful arcane magic of their own to track down and capture individuals with magical aptitude. Their purpose was to consolidate the use of magic to a select group of Shet’zen, The Weavers.

Despite the Shet’zen’s attempts to contain their control over magic, it was not so easy. When the gods fell, other beings stepped in to offer their assistance. The destruction of The Great Veil left myriad spirits to wander the material world. It was through these spirits and the rediscovery of rituals that predated the arcane arts that people began to find supernatural assistance once more.

The benefits of pacts were expansive—it didn’t require an internal pool of magic to be stored, people could stand through raids without being detected as magic users. The spirits also conferred powers that would often require years of study within the arts and could provide seemingly infinite power. These pacts were not without their risks, however. Making a pact with a spirit can be a dangerous undertaking. Infernal and celestial beings walk the world much the same as ghosts and other spirits; only the most powerful purveyors of pact magic have a hope of knowing what they’re dealing with.

Pact Magic

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