The Fallen Race, Risen

The Shet’zen escaped their plateau prison after millenia of solitude. Their armies swept across the lands like a dagger through flesh. Entire cities were burned to the ground and races were wiped from existence. Entire nations were enslaved to the will and power of the Shet’zen. The dark gods who blessed the conquest were gifted souls like never before. Their cunning no less than their fury, the Shet’zen pitted their underlings against each other-destroying any semblance of resistance. When all the world knelt before them, they turned their malicious gaze towards the heavens. With the help of infernal forces and vile magic, the Shet’zen slew the gods of light. One by one, the beacons of goodness were snuffed out. When finally the last of the good gods fell, the Shet’zen turned on each their creators. The remaining gods fell to the might of the Shet’zen, just as all else did.

This world is fraught with evil. The PCs are some of the few true beacons of good left. See Character Creation for rules involving basic character generation.

The Metal Muses

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